Printing Services

Multi Functional Printers (MFPs)

Printing Services also provides the University's printer fleet for each individual Department, which can print, copy, scan to EDM, etc. – hence they are called Multi Functional Devices (MFDs).

These devices are more cost effective than any other printer, and come with all toner and parts and service within a guaranteed service level – no more having to buy toners.

They can also help you save money by only printing when you authenticate up to the device – zero printing waste with confidential printing.

You can also buy your paper for your MFD direct from Printing Services – more cost effectively than anywhere else – simply contact stating the number of boxes of A4 and A3 office paper you require with your cost centre code.

If you need any advice and/or assistance and would like to find out what an MFP can do for you, please email or call on ext. 3384.