CMS access and training

The University website is maintained using a Content Management System (CMS) called Site Manager which is produced by a company called Terminal Four. The CMS controls all aspects of website management including the setting-up of the site structure, addition of content (text, images, files) and publication of the site.

Requesting access to the Content Management System

The Webteam or Faculty Web Content Officers can add or edit content and build new sites with consultation from departments as well as offer expert advice on your web presence without the need for bespoke CMS training.

Staff within academic departments

The Faculty Web Content Officers are the primary contacts for maintaining all department pages within the five core Faculties. Should you require any updates to academic department web pages, would like to enquire about CMS training or advice on your web presence please contact your Faculty Web Content Officer.

  • Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries: Theresa Bassey-Effiok
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: Andrew Bailey
  • Faculty of Science: Natalie Thompson
  • Faculty of Technology: Steve Fisher
  • Portsmouth Business School: Mandy McCartney

Staff within professional services

The Webteam are the primary contact for maintaining the web pages of professional services. If you require any updates to professional services web pages or would like to request CMS training please contact the Webteam.