Website objectives

The main objectives of the University website are:

  • To provide relevant and current information to a wide audience base

Strategic objectives are placing more emphasis on our wider audience, including postgraduate students, distance and online learning, business, knowledge transfer and research interests. The recently redesigned website now provides easily navigable channels for our wider audience.

The recent redesign was a useful exercise in rationalising the information provided online and created simple and, in some cases, more obvious routes to that information for our all target audiences. The external website at www.port.ac.uk is our "shop-window" for all external audiences. Current students and staff are now channelled to dedicated "intranets" to meet their needs, rather than combining information for both internal and external audiences on the main website and diluting our messages.

The webteam works with departments across the institution to ensure information is timely and relevant, and we are reliant on departments to support us in this activity.

  • To ensure information is provided in an accessible and usable manner

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) states that service providers must not discriminate against disabled users, and mentions websites specifically. We work in accordance with current best practice to ensure the website provides accessible information for all users.

  • To promote and maintain the corporate image of the University

In order to get our message across in a competitive market place, it is crucial that our communications project a consistent and professional image. An organisation that projects a coherent identity where all elements are coordinated communicates a clear sense of direction, a consistent message and a professional image.

The website is just one of the University's communication channels and adheres to the corporate style, whilst allowing departments a particular personality within defined boundaries.