Combined Honours

The Combined Honour Programme enables the study of two subjects in parallel. The two disciplines form an academically coherent, complementary programme. Fewer topics are studied in each subject area than in the Single Honour Programme but the topics are carefully chosen to ensure graduates have the same depth of knowledge and understanding as a single honours student. Normally, units offered as part of the Combined Honours Programme will already have been approved as part of a single honours pathway and students will study alongside single honour students in the related disciplines.

The majority of the courses are a combination of two half degrees, for example BA (Hons) American Studies & History and BA (Hons) English & Drama. We also have some major/minor courses, where the major represents two thirds of the degree and where the dissertation/project is always taken in the major subject, eg BSc (Hons) Criminology with Psychology and BA (Hons) Human Resource Management with Psychology.  In addition to the BA (Hons) courses, we also have several qualifying Law degrees, such as LLB Law with Business and LLB Law and Criminology.

Why choose Combined Honours?

One of the advantages of the Combined Honours Programme is that the programme has more flexibility of choice than the Single Honours Programme. There is also flexibility in the employment market with a Combined Honours Degree. These degrees are ideal for careers where two specialisms may be required or for the large proportion of graduate opportunities where employers do not seek specific degree subjects. They will equip graduates for a wide range of future careers and provide valuable transferable skills, as well as expert knowledge of the chosen subjects. They will:

  • Keep career options open
  • Offer two subjects at Honours level to prospective employers
  • Maintain a broader academic viewpoint
  • Combine two related disciplines which may include a focus on a specific career area
  • Allow exploration of a new subject area in combination with a familiar one

Our Combined Honours Degrees offer students the opportunity to follow an exciting range of combinations, in which subjects are studied in the depth appropriate to an honours degree, whilst maintaining flexibility and choice.