Economics and Finance

Continual innovation in new teaching technologies and practices enhance the potential of our students.

What we offer

  • Successful and popular courses

    We blend theoretical rigour and learning-by-doing to develop skills that allow students to explore business, economics and finance with confidence. You are introduced to real-world problems and are informed of established methods for analysing economic date.

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    Successful and popular courses
  • Innovative Teaching and Student Support

    Our approach in teaching recognises the importance of developing skills that are transferable beyond disciplinary boundaries, extending the value of a Portsmouth economics education throughout a lifetime.

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    Innovative Teaching and Student Support
  • Research

    Our commitment to excellence extends to research and knowledge transfer. We believe that research-engagement is essential for the currency of our curriculum and its delivery. The focus of our research reflects our wide interests which have included bank profitability, fisheries, and investment.

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