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Star Public Lectures

Wednesday June 5 6.00 - 7.00PM

Public Lectures

Confessions of a heterodox economist

Inaugural lecture by Andrew Wood, Professor and Head of Accounting and Financial Management, University of Portsmouth.

When Professor Wood first encountered economics, the discipline was dominated by a highly abstract and theoretical approach that aped a ‘scientific method’. In response, he adopted an heterodox approach to understanding economic phenomenon. In this lecture, he explains how his approach has evolved, and how the mainstream has also transformed.

Date: Wednesday 5 June 2019

Time: 6-7 pm, followed by a drinks reception

Venue: University of Portsmouth, Portland Building, Portland Street, Portsmouth PO1 3AH

Parking: Milldam car park on Burnaby Road PO1 3RE is available after 5pm

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Wednesday June 19 6.00 - 7.00PM

Public Lectures

At the end of the rainbow: Where next for the queer refugee?

A public lecture by S. Chelvan, a globally recognised legal expert on refugee and human rights based at No5 Barristers’ Chambers, London

Countries across the world continue to criminalise people who identify as LGBTQ+ and to subject them to barbaric and humiliating treatment. Establishing refugee status for people who do not conform to their country’s expected behaviours or "normal" sexual or gender identities raises a number of complex legal and human rights issues. Understanding how these challenges are met and overcome helps us to understand the potential for, and limits of, human rights protection. In this talk, S. Chelvan will discuss his work as a Barrister in the field of immigration and asylum law. He will reflect specifically on the challenges of representing those who are fleeing persecution on grounds of sexual and/or gender identity or expression.

This talk is organised as part of the celebration of Portsmouth becoming a City of Sanctuary and the University's work towards becoming a University of Sanctuary. The Sanctuary initiative aims to ensure that cities and universities actively welcome and support refugees, asylum seekers, and others who may experience isolation and exclusion into their communities, and seeks to foster a culture of awareness and inclusion.

The event is supported by The Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA). CARA provides urgently-needed help to academics in immediate danger, those forced into exile, and many who choose to work on in their home countries despite serious risks. CARA also supports higher education institutions whose work is at risk or compromised.

Date: Wednesday 19 June 2019

Time: 6-7 pm, followed by a drinks reception

Venue: University of Portsmouth, King Henry Building, King Henry 1 Street, Portsmouth PO1 2DY

Parking: Milldam car park on Burnaby Road PO1 3RE is available after 5pm

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Wednesday June 26 6.00 - 7.00PM

Public Lectures

Women's Community Activism in Portsmouth

A public lecture by Dr Sue Bruley, Project Co-Lead and former Reader in Modern History at the University of Portsmouth

The impact of feminist movements in Britain since the 1960s has been enormous, not least in Portsmouth with its distinct naval heritage. The University of Portsmouth awarded a Heritage Fund grant to lead a study that looks at how women have campaigned for and promoted a better way of life for people in the city. In this lecture, Dr Bruley discusses the findings and outcomes of this year-long project and there will be a showcase of a touring exhibition on the lives of the 50 local women whose life stories have been recorded for this project.

Date: Wednesday 26 June 2019

Time: 6-7 pm, followed by a drinks reception

Venue: University of Portsmouth, King Henry Building, King Henry 1 Street, Portsmouth PO1 2DY

Parking: Milldam car park on Burnaby Road PO1 3RE is available after 5pm

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Star Conferences and seminars

Friday May 10 6.00-9.00pm

Conferences and seminars

Plastics - Falling out of love with the wonder material?

The University of Portsmouth is hosting this year's IMechE Prestige Lecture & Debate on Friday 10 May 2019 to discuss our relationship with plastics.

John McGeehan, Professor of Structural Biology at the University of Portsmouth, whose team discovered the enzyme with the ability to breakdown crystalline polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the primary material used in the manufacture of single-use plastic bottles, in some clothing, and in carpets, will give a welcome speech, which will be followed by a couple of presentations by Dr Jeremy Woods and Mr Tarquin Crouch.

Dr Jeremy Woods, Reader in Sustainable Development at Imperial College London, will give a talk about developing a sustainable bio-economy to deliver the 4 securities: food, energy, environment and social development. He will discuss the historic use of plastics and alternatives for the future. Mr Tarquin Crouch, from ImerPlast, will present the case for more sustainable use of plastics through the application of modern technology and engineering.

Following the presentations, the audience will be invited to engage with these experts to discuss the future of plastics. Local MPs: Penny Mordaunt, Stephen Morgan and Suella Braverman will be joining the discussion, particularly on the challenges involved in any potential future national, regional or global legislation or agreements around this issue.

Stella Job, Supply Chain and Environment Manager at Composites UK, will chair the event and there will be an opportunity for networking afterwards over a finger buffet.

Date: Friday 10 May 2019

Time: 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Venue: University of Portsmouth, Portland Building, Room 1.74, Portland Street, Portsmouth PO1 3AH

Tickets: £5, £1.67 for under 18s available from IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)

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Thursday May 16 5.00-8.40pm

Conferences and seminars

#BusinessTalk: The Digital Economy and Intelligent Enterprise

Run in conjunction with our SAP Next-Gen Innovation Lab partners, SAP UKI, Capgemini & UKISUG, this event will focus on showing companies and individuals how digital transformation is changing the nature of business.

Have you wondered how to do more with less - to automate business processes, to impress your customers, empower employees, and create revenue? Then this #BusinessTalk is for you! It will help explain how companies globally are seizing the potential of becoming an 'Intelligent Enterprise.'

Run in conjunction with our SAP Next-Gen Innovation Lab partners, SAP UKI, Capgemini & UKISUG, this event will focus on showing companies and individuals how digital transformation is changing the nature of business.

Visitors will get an initial look at how business and technology can be effectively syntheised to create 'The Intelligent Enterprise' during networking sessions over refreshments that will take place between 5pm and 6pm - before the talks - and again afterwards from 20.15.

SAP, Capgemini, UKISUG, Celonis and the MSc Digital Business Management Course Team will have interactive displays available to peruse in TEAL Studio One (RB2.08/2.09).

The presentations and demos will take place in Richmond Lecture Theatre 2 from 6pm.

Professor Mark Xu will introduce the speakers, and welcome everyone to the Faculty of Business & Law at the University of Portsmouth.

Timo Elliott will introduce the concept of the 'Intelligent Enterprise,' where the digital economy empowers the customer experience and the workforce of the future, uses data resources in real time and employs the 'Internet of Things' to serve customers better.

Umar Khan will demonstrate how the 'Intelligent Enterprise' benefits from the integrated use of technology behind the scenes.

Neil Ashworth will also explore 'Blockchain,' and how it can validate identity and ownership in a variety of industries.

Jessica Dowdall will speak about how Capgemini helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by exploring the ‘art of the possible with an intelligent enterprise’ through human centered design techniques.

Craig Dale will speak about the significant benefits available to SAP end users who join the UKI SAP Users Group (

David Starkey will conclude the event, and say a few words about the MSc Digital Business Management course (or DBM Programme) that can provide partner companies with postgraduates able to help them to create their own digital transformation plans.


    17:00 onwards: Arrival & Registration, (Richmond Atrium).

    Pre-Talk Networking & Displays in TEAL Studio One, Floor 2

    17.05 Networking over Refreshments

    An opportunity to engage with partner displays and delegates

    17.55 Move to Lecture Theatre, (Richmond Ground Floor).

    Presentations in RB LT2

    18.00 'Welcome': Prof. Mark Xu, Head of OSM Subject Group, UoP.

    18:05 'Digital Transformation, Intelligent Enterprise': Timo Elliott, SAP.

    18:45 'Demonstrating the Intelligent Enterprise': Umar Khan, SAP.

    19:05 'Blockchain & Intelligent Authentication': Neil Ashworth, SAP.

    19.45 'Art of the Possible': Jessica Dowdall, Capgemini.

    20:05 'The UKI SAP User Group': Craig Dale, CEO at UKISUG.

    20.15 Networking.

    20.35 Final Remarks: David Starkey, MSc DBM Programme Leader.

    20.40 Close.











Professor Mark Xu - Head of Operations & Systems Management

Timo Elliott - VP, Global Innovation Evangelist, SAP

Umar Khan - Senior Technical Architect, SAP

Neil Ashworth - Enterprise Architect, SAP

Jessica Dowdall - SAP Centre of Excellence Innovation Lead UK

Craig Dale - CEO, UKI SAP User Group (UKISUG)

David Starkey - SAP Next-Gen Innovation Lab Portsmouth


The SAP Next-Gen Innovation Lab Portsmouth includes 'TEAL Studio One' and a range of computer laboratories that together are used used to facilitate engagement between academics and local companies, and to provide students with valuable skills in the use of SAP software and technologies. It is also a vehicle for the provision of short courses to business. The facilities lend themselves to design thinking sessions, business consulting, and interactive group working. An adjoining suite of similar rooms that are digitally linked to them, can be found in the new Future Technology Centre or FTC. This building contains advanced manufacturing technology, two floor of interactive learning spaces that are fully digitally enabled, and meeting rooms. A new website for the Next-Gen Lab lab will be launched in the summer. The current site can be found at:

The University of Portsmouth is the location for one of five SAP Next-Gen Innovation Labs in the UK.

Portsmouth is a member of the SAP Lighthouse Network, and a SAP Next-Gen Chapter for SAP Leonardo.

Thursday 16 May 5.00-8.40pm Richmond Building, PO1 3DE

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May 20-22

Conferences and seminars

Pint of Science

The University of Portsmouth is taking part in the annual Pint of Science festival next month (Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 May) which brings researchers to local pubs to present their scientific discoveries.

The festival has a series of central themes, and one local pub is selected to host each of the themes over the three nights – each night sees 2-3 speakers engage the public audience with a talk, aimed to enthuse and educate them about our subject areas and research. Alongside the main talks, each evening will also include a range of science-inspired activities including live experiments, quizzes, games, geeky puzzles and engaging stories.

Monday 20 May to Wednesday 22 May Starting from 6.30pm Various locations around Portsmouth

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June 6-7

Conferences and seminars

Queer Celebrity Conference

The focus of celebrity studies on the cultural mediation and function of a diverse range of public personalities has foregrounded an ever-growing archive of queer celebrities. This conference aims to explore how the entry of queer figures into the public imagination, in different historical periods and geographical locations, has had a transnational, even global, impact, changing perceptions, attitudes and the way individuals live their lives.

LGBTQ figures, for example, have risen to public prominence and become positive role models, while negotiating their fame alongside cultural associations of homosexuality with crime, scandal and blackmail. This conference will consider how the cultural visibility of queer celebrities has reshaped and expanded norms and expectations relating to gender, sexuality and identity.

    Keynote Speakers:

    Professor Richard Dyer (King’s College, London)

    Professor Jack Halberstam (Columbia University)

    Dr Michèle Mendelssohn (University of Oxford)

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Thursday June 6 6.00-7.00pm

Conferences and seminars

Queer Celebrity

The Celebrity, Citizenship and Status project at the University of Portsmouth is pleased to welcome Professor Jack Halberstam to give a keynote at the Queer Celebrity Conference in Portsmouth, 6-7 June 2019.

Jack Halberstam is a professor at Columbia University and an internationally renowned gender and queer theorist. Professor Halberstam is the author of six books including Female Masculinity (Duke UP, 1998), In A Queer Time and Place (NYU Press, 2005), and, Trans*: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variance (U of California Press, 2017).

Venue: University of Portsmouth, Richmond Building, Portland Street, Portsmouth PO1 3DE

Parking: Milldam car park on Burnaby Road (PO1 3RE) is available after 5 pm

Given the wide interest in Professor Halberstam’s research and writing, this lecture has been made free and open to the public. Please book on Eventbrite using the button below.

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Wednesday June 19 8.15-12.00pm

Conferences and seminars

‘Winning in the Solent Region’ #WISR2019

New Solent region collaboration to host ‘business without borders’ growth event

Solent region businesses will have the chance to learn about new opportunities for UK and global growth and expansion at a new business event on Wednesday 19 June at the Hilton Hotel at the Ageas Bowl, Hedge End.

The ‘Winning in the Solent Region’ event has been organised by Portsmouth and Solent universities, in partnership with Solent LEP and the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.

At the free event, delegates will be able to listen to speakers from Portsmouth International Port, Southampton Airport and Solent LEP and make new business contacts from across the Solent region.

There will also be two sessions offering practical tips to understanding global cultures and increasing business through leadership and skills:

‘Winning new business across borders’

This session will discuss the ever changing world of the global marketplace. It will explore traveling and businesses overseas – discussing the different protocols, cultures and how to personally prepare, as well as the opportunities of trading and undertaking business on a global scale. The University of Portsmouth and Solent University will explain the support available from both institutions.

‘Winning new business through learning and skills’

The session is an informative session that will help delegates evaluate their current workforce, support with workforce planning as well as self-evaluation of their own development to become a future leader.

Peter Hooley, Director of Business Development at the University of Portsmouth, said: “This is a rare opportunity for businesses to hear from successful international businesses, learn about ambitious future plans for the area, discover the many ways the two universities support all regional businesses and make new connections with like-minded businesses.”

Catherine Lee, Director of Research, Innovation and Enterprise at Solent University commented: “This is a valuable opportunity for local businesses to explore how they can work with universities to develop new ideas and innovative solutions. The event will offer delegates the opportunity to hear from a selection of guest speakers and take part in practical workshops to explore challenges and opportunities.“

The interactive half-day event runs from 8:15am to 12 noon and delegates will have the opportunity to attend both sessions.

Places are limited and restricted to two representatives from each organisation. To attend, please book your place at Eventbrite below

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June 25-27

Conferences and Seminars

Gender and Education Association international conference

The University of Portsmouth will host the annual Gender and Education Association international conference in June 2019.

The University of Portsmouth will host the annual Gender and Education Association international conference in June 2019. Hundreds of education practitioners, activists, academics, students, community leaders, artists, researchers, and policymakers from across the UK and around the globe will be welcomed to explore identities, in/visibilities, inequalities, and intersections in education through a gendered lens.

25-27 June 2019 University of Portsmouth

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July 9-12

Conferences and seminars

Hospitality Tourism Marketing Conference

The 9th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management Conference will be hosted at the University of Portsmouth from 9 to 12 July 2019.

This is the first time the event has been held in the UK and during the four-day event delegates from academia, industry and other organisations will have the opportunity to share and exchange knowledge and expertise on hospitality marketing and management.

Professor of Marketing Yuksel Ekinci, from the Marketing and Sales group at the University of Portsmouth, said: “We are very excited to host this conference especially as it is the first time the event has been held in the UK. Delegates will be coming from across the world and we know they will enjoy the facilities that Portsmouth has to offer.

“Within the sector there are many issues of intense interest including the future of the industry and innovative developments.”

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Star Performances and Exhibitions

Various dates

Performances and Exhibitions

Portsmouth Chamber Music Series

Now in its fifteenth season, the Portsmouth Chamber Music Series brings world-class musicians to the city.

In partnership with Music in the Round and the Portsmouth Cultural Trust, we present the finest music in informal surroundings where you are never more than a few metres from the performers. Q and A sessions follow each concert, and a 20% discount is available to those who book the whole series.

8 October 2018 - Goldmund Quartet

5 November 2018 - Steven Osborne (piano)

28 January 2019 - Ensemble 360

25 March 2019 - Trio Isimsiz

29 April 2019 - Piatti Quartet

20 May 2019 - Ensemble 360 (piano quartet)

Time: All concerts are on Mondays and start at 7.30pm.

Venue: Portsmouth Guildhall: seating is unreserved, with doors open from 7pm.

Box office: 023 9387 0211. Tickets: £18 full price, £16 concessions, £86.40 for the whole season (£76.80 concs). Student-standby tickets are available from 7pm on the day of each concert, for £6. Prices include booking fee and restoration levy.

For further information or to join our mailing list, please contact or 023 9284 3023.

October-May 2018/19

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