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Year-Long Placements

If you are looking for a cost-effective and flexible solution to your recruitment needs then the student placement scheme could be the perfect solution. Our placement students have made significant contributions to their employers and each year a number of students are offered graduate jobs by their placement company.

He is the best student intern that we could hope to have; he has taken on every task we give him with enthusiasm and creativity. As the owner of the company and someone who has worked in business for over 20 years I see few people of his calibre at his age. I would keep him on as a permanent employee in a heartbeat.

Hugo Phillips, Operations Manager, Expert 24

The majority of our courses now offer an optional work placement year, or sandwich year, where students work for a company in a role that is relevant to their degree. The placement takes place between their second and third years of study.


  • Extra resource with additional skills to tackle projects otherwise put on the backburner
  • Injection of new ideas in an area where you have a skills gap
  • Chance to reduce the workload of staff so they can take on more complicated and skilled work
  • Completion of specific tasks
  • Opportunity to give a potential employee a thorough trial without obligation
  • Awareness of the latest research through closer links to the University
  • Cost-effective method of overcoming temporary staff shortages, particularly during busy periods
  • Reduction of recruitment and training costs when placement students are employed after they graduate   

Placement year length

The minimum placement year length of 36 full-time weeks of work means the contract needs to be around 10 months in total, to include holiday entitlements. Apart from this requirement, the exact length of the contract advertised is at your discretion. Many employers choose to offer a 12-month contract, but the longest a student can be employed for is 15 months (from June until September of the following year).

What to do next

Please contact us if you want your company to benefit from employing a placement student. If you have an advert already, please email it to us.

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