CCI Placements Case Study

On-Air Creative Intern, NBC Universal

BA (Hons) Film Industries

Abbie Smith
What did you do?

I created promotional videos for on-air and off-air, social media assets and marketing reels for the UK and wider European channels. On a daily basis I would watch the different channel content, come up with an idea and edit it to market a new programme, series of films or marketing stunt. I also acted as head runner on many different production shoots for our channels, while also filming behind the scenes reels for the social platforms.

What do you like about it?

I wasn't made to feel like an intern, I was just another valued member of the team. I was included in brainstorms and ideas for bigger promos and was given the same workload as a permanent mid-level creative.

Doing this placement has made me realise that after I graduate I would like to pursue this job into a career, and I wouldn't have known that if I didn't do a placement.

I have loved every second of the placement. I really feel a sense of achievement when I can see what I've worked hard on being aired on the UK channels for a wide audience to see. My greatest achievement was receiving praise from the Managing Director of the Universal Networks division about one of my promos.

Would you recommend a placement year to other students?

My placement has been the best year of my life so far. I feel like I have really grown personally but also creatively. I have done things I never thought would be possible and that's all because I decided to take a placement. Best decision ever!

My editing and writing skills have improved a lot. I am now fluent using Avid Media Composer and all the editing styles there are. My copywriting skills have gotten a lot better as I was writing scripts for my promos daily, coming up with puns and clever wording to advertise the specific film or programme.

What is your advice to students thinking about looking for a placement?

I would say really look into an industry you're interested in and a particular role you think you can enjoy. I only did a placement because I knew that I would gain so much from it and that there would be amazing opportunities for me. Be bold and brave and you will have the best year!