CCI Placements Case Study

Clothing Technical Assistant, Debenhams

BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design

Alexandra Marin
What do you do?

I’m working as a Clothing Technical Assistant in Childrenswear for Debenhams. I am dealing mostly with the technical side of fashion – checking samples for quality and construction, requesting tests to be performed on clothes and making sure everything has been received, assisting in fit sessions, approving garments which are ready to go in store, writing reports and keeping logs.

What do you like about it?

I am treated as a valuable member of the team and have been given quite a lot of responsibility from the beginning. My other talents are being recognised and appreciated (such as my creative side) and I’m learning a lot about other divisions within the company. I have easy access to professional training and everybody is nice and helpful which made me feel very welcomed.

Would you recommend a placement year to other students?

Originally I didn’t want to do a placement year but luckily I changed my mind. I would definitely recommend doing a placement, I think it’s a great opportunity to experience working in your chosen industry, to develop your skills further, to put in practice what you’ve learned in uni and gain new knowledge.

What is your advice to students thinking about looking for a placement?

Use the CCI Placements service and Purple Door. Create a good CV, attend mock interviews and assessment centres, tailor your application to suit each company and job role (trust me, it does count a lot) and apply to as many as possible – it will pay off eventually.