CCI Placements Case Study

Asset Management and On-Air Intern, Walt Disney

BSc (Hons) Entertainment Technology

Charlie O'Connor
What do you do?

My role as Asset Management and On-Air Intern mainly involves distributing digital assets (e.g. high-res videos, graphics packages, audio files etc.) to producers who then cut together promos for the Disney Channels (Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD). I also work closely with the On-Air Supervisor on a project called Stunt In A Box (SIAB for short). SIAB was set up to encourage European markets to share their stunts (a stunt primarily consist of a marathon of episodes and on-air promos that are focused around a particular theme, season or part of the week e.g. Mickey Mouse ClubHouse: Mickey and His Friends) in a more collaborative way.

What do you like about it?

The things I like about my placement are:

  • Respect – At Disney, all interns are treated with the same respect as the senior/permanent staff. At times, I often forget I’m an intern, I feel more like a permanent employee.
  • Responsibility – I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of responsibility I’ve been given during my time at Disney. For example, I project managed/supervised the production of a Spiderman SIAB promo campaign that is set to be broadcast on Disney XD later this year.
  • Disney Content – It may sound biased but I think Disney’s animation output/content is second to none. I particularly enjoy working on content such as Mickey Mouse, Star Wars and Marvel. I grew up really appreciating these properties/brands, now it’s surreal to think that I help promote them.
  • Team – From day one, my colleagues welcomed me and made me feel part of the team. Without sounding cheesy, I don’t think my time at Disney would be as enjoyable if I didn’t have the team I worked with now.
Would you recommend a placement year to other students?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it.

You’re able to enhance your skills in a professional environment. Further, I believe the skills I’ve learnt and developed at Disney will only benefit my third and final year at university. A placement year gives you a greater understanding of the industry you wish to enter and gives you a better sense of what you want to be when you graduate.

What is your advice to students thinking about looking for a placement?

You may have heard it a billion times before but don’t get disheartened if companies turn you down or ignore your application. Just keep plugging away and you’ll find your dream placement.