Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries

Student Professional Practice Fund

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) believes in showcasing students’ work and supporting students’ professional practice and has developed a fund to support these activities.

If you are a group of CCI students organising an exhibition, event, theatre production, installation, musical gig or similar you might consider applying for financial support.

An award of up to £1500 can be applied for per activity. The requested amount must be match funded through external sponsorship and/or fundraising activities.

For example, if the total activity budget is £3000 you can request £1500 funding, and you will be required to match this amount with £1500 from other sources, including your own funds.


The 2015-16 CCI Student Professional Practice Fund will be run in two rounds. The deadline for Round 1 is 20th November 2015 and the deadline for Round 2 will be 11th March 2016.

Application Process

The application involves two stages:

  • Stage 1: Applicants submit an application by the advertised deadline
  • Stage 2: Selected applicants will be required to make a ‘pitch’ to an evaluation panel in support of their initial application.

Forms and Information

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Student Professional Practice Fund - Application Form (2015/16) 48KB