Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries

Enterprise and Innovation

Enterprise and Innovation represents the vibrant research and innovation community in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries. It aims to bring together projects, staff and students across a range of disciplines to create a culture of creativity and a community of learners that builds practical solutions to real world issues.

Led by Professor Joan Farrer, Associate Dean of Enterprise and Innovation, Enterprise and Innovation is concerned with the facilitation of innovative thinking and initiating research knowledge both in theoretical and applied fields. A key focus on scholarly exchange in a wide range of contexts is helping E&I to develop the concept of the entrepreneurial academic. Professor Farrer has promoted the key message of industry engagement, underpinning research and innovation is a continuum, which can exist in an academic environment.

Transdisciplinarity underpins these ideas, which facilitates a transparent method of communicating work to each other outside of individual discipline silos. Enterprise and Innovation collaborates using a D-STEM-B (Design, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Business) model which engenders innovative thinking and problem solving.

Farrer has always been a passionate advocate of embedding live research projects into both Undergraduate and Postgraduate curricula. Enterprise and Innovation will bring together disciplines, projects and staff from across the Faculty and University to increases the exchange of knowledge.

With the help of lecturing staff, technical colleagues and the student body the possibility of larger interdisciplinary research clusters and impact within and external to the University of Portsmouth is possible. Farrer recognises the importance of research and innovation for staff and student development. As a result, we aim to move towards a new type of learning community with design, commercial and entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of our academic work. 

News and Activities

To be updated on Enterprise and Innovation's latest activities and projects and to find out more about the team, visit Innovation CCI website.