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Kry Wolf - No Trouble (Official Video)
Kry Wolf - No Trouble (Official Video)
3:00 minutes

Democratic Citizenship

Only active, informed and engaged citizens can fully safeguard democratic and sustainable societies against their many challenges. The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries works to foster positive cultural, social exchange and public engagement. Community development, policy and practice, social inclusion, civic life, equality and diversity will be at the grassroots of research and innovation activity.  

Stina and the Wolf
Stina and the Wolf
1:57 minutes

Future and Emerging Technologies

We design and build innovative technological solutions to address real world challenges. Technologies and systems make more efficient and effective use of resources and materials, creating new products, services and processes that address and create solution pathways to global societal challenges. Multidisciplinary collaborations, inspired by future and emerging technologies foster new ways of thinking that can enhance lives, economies and societies adding value and novel benefits for society.

Mrs Jones (Igloo Films)
Mrs Jones (Igloo Films)
6:08 minutes

Health and Wellbeing

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries will draw on technological, creative and scientific developments to foster innovative and cost-effective solutions. With a focus on design for behavioral change, the creation of smart healthy and sustainable environments, a holistic approach to new models and tools for health and social care delivery, disease prevention, treatment and interventions.

'Man Overboard' Detection (Dr Edward Smart)
'Man Overboard' Detection (Dr Edward Smart)
2:30 minutes

Security and Risk

Security is an inescapable issue facing society. A multidisciplinary approach is necessary to address and understand the tensions and conflicts arising in an increasingly interconnected world. Key innovations focus on the Internet of Things, cyber and mobile security, protecting industrial and manufacturing information, data analysis, image processing and early warning systems. 

"I Don't Roll"
2:19 minutes

Sustainability and the Environment

Creative thinking is a powerful agent for personal and social transformation and its application to real-world contexts is the route to environmental, social and economic sustainability. We develop innovative solutions and holistic cross discipline applications to protect resources, landscapes, the built environment and our communities.

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