Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

About the faculty

The faculty is an administrative grouping of four departments and three research hubs. At present, that comprises approximately 200 academic staff, backed up by support staff, working for more than 5,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students following courses from our suite of successful single and combined honours programmes include many studying on a part-time basis or through distance learning methods, and we have welcomed many from the EU and overseas students. Across the Faculty, this leads to a diverse student population that makes us the largest individual faculty in the University of Portsmouth. 

Our students benefit from our investments in the student experience, including:

  • new academic staff and increased contact time for early-stage students
  • intensive introduction to the university systems, and ongoing pastoral care
  • innovations in curriculum design, with research-informed teaching, choice in each programme and access to all academic staff
  • integrated use of the Virtual Learning Environment, with upgraded software, interactive experiences and an expanded team of VLE experts
  • improved buildings and IT architecture
  • personal development planning, featuring research and employability skills

We have a consistently strong record for our performance in the annual National Student Survey. Further details of NSS results about our courses and subject areas can be found at https://unistats.direct.gov.uk/

Our location

The Faculty is currently located in four different buildings around the compact city centre campus: Park Building, Milldam, St George’s Building and Ravelin House.

Our principles

  • seeking new ways to inspire and enable learning
  • providing leading edge education
  • contributing to an exceptional student experience
  • striving for continuous improvement in the quality of our provision
  • strengthening academic excellence
  • providing our students with outstanding value for money
  • enhancing the international and national standing of our research and knowledge services
  • optimising staff engagement in all such forms of activity
  • recruiting, retaining and developing well-qualified, highly committed, education professionals