Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Facilities and features

Facilities available to FHSS students include:

Placement and Internship Centre

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to improving the employability of its students, and in 2013 opened the Faculty-wide Placement and Internship Centre in Park Building.

Learning Development Tutors

The Faculty employs eight Learning Development Tutors between its four schools. If you are studying an FHSS course, they will be available to support you in developing the academic skills needed to succeed in your degree, and your confidence in them. This includes matters of academic style, data handling, research methods and - for students in SLAS - English language skills.

  • Faculty-wide research skills and quantitative methods support: Stephanie Bennett
  • ICJS: Stephanie Bennett and Gordon Scruton
  • SECS: Ian Johnson
  • SLAS: Laura Seddon (Academic skills), Rhiannon Thompson and Cathy Willatt (English Language)
  • SSHLS: Aniela Rose and Julia Smith

Online Course Developers

The Faculty has ten online course developers supporting the work of the teaching staff, offering students an educational experience at the cutting edge of technology-enhanced learning and allowing lecturers to focus on their teaching and the research that informs it.

Learning Resource Centre

Augment and enhance your learning outside class with the recently redeveloped LRC, at the heart of the School and available to all students from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students can view the the catalogue of resources, search for specific items and view links to related resources:  view the LRC Catalogue here. 

Facilities available include:

  • Networked PCs and wireless laptop area, with facilities for printing, scanning and photocopying.
  • An extensive collection of foreign films, documentaries, audio recordings and other study material, with DVD and TV viewing / listening stations in the Centre
  • A large collection of books, including graded course material for teachers, self-access texts for students and reference resources such as dictionaries and grammar books and magazines.
  • The resources centre incorporates a fully supported multi-media workshop where students are able to create rich presentation and assignment materials. A variety of software and audio–visual tools are available including PowerPoint, Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing and software for creating audio recordings and Podcasts etc.
  • Support and guidance is available from the technical support staff.
  • See also: Protocols for Academic staff for the use of Park Learning Resources