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We have a reputation for excellence in both research and teaching.

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    As a member of the Faculty of Science you will be offered many opportunities. We have close working relationships with many industrial and professional employers, which will prepare you for a career within the science field and beyond. Mature students, and those with non-standard qualifications, are particularly welcome to apply to study science at Portsmouth. As the biggest faculty in the University, we have a variety of departments that cover the broad enterprise of science. Each features top-of-the-range facilities, international researchers and knowledgeable staff to help students achieve the best qualifications possible and advance their understanding of the world around us.

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    About the Faculty
  • Research

    The breadth of subject areas within the Faculty of Science is reflected in its research programmes. Researchers are working on projects as diverse as the truthfulness of witness statements, the corrosion of steel piling, the study of volvanic rocks and the on-going effects of the nuclear disaster on Fukushima. Patents have been filed for anti-cancer drugs and drug delivery systems, and in another laboratory the atom-by-atom structures of protein molecules are being determined using nuclear magnetic resonance methods.

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