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Full terms and conditions

Learning Support Full Terms and Conditions


The service is confidential and we do not share information or inform other staff or students that you have been to see us, unless you instruct us to do so or we have concerns about your wellbeing, in line with the University’s guidance on safeguarding.

General limits of our advice

Our advice and guidance is based on general academic principles.

If your tutor/lecturer/supervisor gives you different advice on the same subject, we recommend you follow their guidance, as they are subject specialists who are involved in the setting and marking of your work.

Who can use our service?

Science Learning Support is available to any student in the Faculty of Science.

If you are registered with another Faculty, academic/learning support is available from within your School/Department or Faculty. For details, speak to your course team, personal tutor or consult Moodle.

One-to-one sessions

  • Sessions are 45 minutes long and are booked on a Google appointments calendar through our Moodle page or via our webpage
  • Please only book one appointment per week, as demand is very high and we need make the service accessible to all students in the Faculty who need it. 
  • To ensure fair levels of access, please book no more than five appointments in each teaching block or assessment period.
  • If you need support, but are unable to come into University, e.g. because you are a distance learner or are on placement, telephone tutorials or email feedback can be arranged.
  • If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so that the appointment can be reopened for someone else to book. 
  • If you fail to attend two appointments without informing us, we will not be able to support you for the remainder of the teaching/assessment block.

Support in planning and preparing work

  • We can provide help with making sense of assignments before you start them and can give guidance with planning, researching and structuring. 
  • Bring your ideas and your assignment brief to a one to one appointment and we will be happy to discuss strategies to help you make the best of your work.
  • Whether a completed piece of work or a piece we help you prepare, we will only be able to look at each assessment artefact twice.

Feedback on drafts of work

  • Please book an appointment and send your work at least two working days before the session and the deadline for submission. We will then discuss the work with you in the session. 
  • We cannot proofread work (or offer advice on external services that do). If you would like guidance on how to proofread your own work, we are happy to discuss this with you.
  • Please only send one piece of work per session you book. There will not be time to discuss more than one in the appointment.
  • We will look at a section of your work; up to 10 per cent of total word count or a maximum of 1,000 words pieces of work larger than 10,000 words. The advice given is intended to provide guidance for you to apply to the rest of your work – please use the comments to review the whole piece. 
  • We do not normally give feedback on work via email only. However, if you are unable to come into University because you are a distance learner or are on placement but require feedback, please book a session and we will use the time to review your work and send feedback via email.
  • If you require further resources or support to help you with any amendments, we can provide guidance.