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Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) and University of Portsmouth (UoP) Partnership

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“A fusion of clinical and academic excellence to improve the health and wellbeing of Portsmouth and our communities”

The University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) have a long history of working closely together. PHT provides acute health services at Queen Alexandra (QA) Hospital, one of the largest, most modern hospitals in the region. It has a strong reputation for research and innovation and is a major provider of under-graduate and post-graduate health education. The PHT-UoP Partnership provides a framework for collaborations between the two organisations across education, research and innovation.

The PHT-UoP Partnership published its vision and priorities for the year ahead in January 2017. Read our Plan on a Page.

The partnership is supported by Partnership Facilitator Matt Gummerson who is jointly employed by PHT and UoP. Matt is located either in St Andrews Court (2.46) or in the Research and Innovation office at QA Hospital.

Formal collaborations:

Latest news and updates:

a nurse prepares a toy monkey for surgery

February 2018: Clinicians and staff from the Paediatric Department at PHT worked with ODP students and staff from SHHSW to provide a ‘surgery familiarisation’ event for children and their families with upcoming surgery at PHT. Children came in on a Saturday morning to try out the monitoring equipment, dress up and have fun getting used to the surgical environment, using the university’s healthcare simulation facilities: 

You can read a regular update from the Partnership Facilitator in the Research and Innovation Newsletter.