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This site gives specific Science Faculty Guidance for those submitting applications for ethical review to the Science Faculty Ethics Committee (SFEC). Your departmental / school representatives can be found on the members page and should be contacted with any queries you may have before submitting your application.

The University's main source of guidance on ethics matters is the main ethics webpage.

Those undertaking research at UoP, or externally as UoP researchers, must undertake an ethical review, and obtain a favourable ethical opinion before the research begins. For research with human volunteers, a favourable ethical opinion must be obtained before the study is advertised and volunteers formally recruited.

Who should submit an application to SFEC

All staff, post-graduate research students (PgRs) and Masters of Research (MRes) students must submit an application for ethical review to SFEC in good time prior to the intended commencement of their research. In some case eg where there are no human volunteers, and there are no ethical issues with the proposed research, applicants may be able to obtain quick online review using the UoP online ethics screening tool given on the UoP main ethics site

Review of Undergraduate (UG) and Taught-PgRs (TPgRs) Projects

UG and TPgRs are not normally ethically reviewed by SFEC, and instead are reviewed within their Department or School, on behalf of SFEC, except where that project is essentially also the research of a member of staff or PgRs, or there are considerable ethical issues that might arise (Departmental / School SFEC members will advise).

Research with External Ethical Review

For those conducting research where external ethical review is generally required (eg NHS, MoD), or another academic institution is the lead for a collaborative project, there is no need for the application to also be reviewed by SFEC. Instead, please simply send SFEC (ethics-sci@port.ac.uk) a copy of the favourable ethical opinion letter from the external body along with a copy of all the final version documents about the research, indicating (if not clear from the documents) which UoP researchers are involved in the research.