Faculty of Technology

Level 5 Mathematics Students

Induction Week

Induction Week events for all Level 5 (Year 2) students on the following courses:

  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics for Finance and Management
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Statistics
  • MEng Mathematics

Thursday 20 September

10:10am - 12:30am

Buckingham Building Room 3.05

Introduction to Year 2 (Level 5)

10:10am - 10:30am

Dr Jamie Foster

Course Representatives

10:30am - 10:40am

Sam McBride, Head Course Representative

Maths Café

10:40am - 11:00pm

Dr Ilia Roustemoglou, Learning Support Tutor and Acting Academic Learning Support Coordinator

Student Wellbeing Services

11:00am - 11:15am

Wellbeing Advisor


11:15am - 11:30am

With refreshments

Becoming a Student Ambassador or Mentor

Emilie Smith, Education and Outreach Officer

Becoming a Technology Student Ambassador (paid positions)

Orla Quaid, Faculty of Technology Marketing Manager

11:30am - 11:45am

Welcome Talk: Class Attendance + Personal Tutorials = Results + Career!

11:45am - 12:00pm

Professor Andrew Osbaldestin, Head of Department

Introduction to the Careers and Recruitmnent Service

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Guy Townsin, Careers Manager

Friday 21 September

10:00am - 12:30pm

Buckingham Building Room 3.06

The Placement Year: An Introduction

10:00am - 11:00am

More and more employers are seeking to recruit graduates with relevant work experience. The placement year is an excellent opportunity to gain such experience. In this session you will hear from:

  • Emily Parry (SPEC)
  • Dr Maria Pickett (Departmental Placement Coordinator)
  • Students who have just returned from placements

All second year students should attend this session: It is NOT just for those interested going out on a placement - it is also of general interest about careers.

Break with refereshments

11:00am - 11:30am

Meet your Personal Tutors

Plagiarism, how to avoid it and why we reference

11:30am - 12:00pm

Timothy Collinson, Faculty Librarian

** PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that event times and locations might change at short notice. We recommend that you bookmark, favorite or save a link to this webpage on your tablet, laptop or smartphone so that you can revisit it before you arrive and when you're here on campus.**

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