Faculty of Technology

Learning Support and Services

What we offer

  • Learning Support Tutors

    Our Learning Support Tutors provide additional academic support to students across the Faculty of Technology in areas including computing-related practices, engineering sciences, and mathematics.

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    Learning Support Tutors
  • Maths Café

    The Maths Café is a daily drop-in facility, available to any student of the University where you can receive help on any maths or stats problem you encounter in your studies. We also provide handouts on key topics and computer aided learning packages.

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    Maths Café
  • A year in industry

    More than 50% of employers actively recruit graduates who have relevant work experience. So, taking an optional yearlong placement is an excellent way to get ahead in the job hunt. Our Student Placement and Employability Centre (SPEC) is dedicated to setting your career on the right course.

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    A year in industry