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What our students offer

What our placement students offer

If you're looking for a cost-effective and flexible solution to your recruitment needs with no further commitment beyond the placement year itself, then the Faculty of Technology student placement scheme could be the perfect solution.

  • Our students at the School of Civil Engineering and Surveying study a range of civil engineering subjects, construction management, quantity surveying and property development
  • Our School of Computing undergraduates specialise in computer science, software engineering, web technologies and digital forensics
  • The broad range of subjects covered by our School of Engineering include electronic engineering, computer engineering, telecommunications, data communications, computer networks, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, product design and petroleum engineering
  • Our students in the School of Mathematics and Physics specialise in applied and theoretical mathematics, logistics, financial management and statistics
The benefits of a placement

The benefits of hosting a placement

  • An extra resource to tackle projects that have been on the back burner, or other specific tasks that would be of benefit to your organisation
  • An injection of new, innovative ideas in an area where you have identified a skills gap
  • The opportunity to lower the workload of permanent members of staff and free them up to take on more complicated and skilled work
  • A chance to provide permanent staff with the opportunity to use and develop managerial or mentoring skills
  • A chance to give a potential future employee a thorough trial, without obligation – which could lead to reduced recruitment and training costs if your industrial placement student is employed post-graduation
  • Awareness of the latest research and industry trends through closer links with the University’s Research and Innovation Services
  • A cost-effective method of overcoming temporary staff shortages, particularly during busy periods

What our placement providers say

Our first two students in 2011 provided the needed skills and resources to really push our company into the direction we wanted it to go, and we’ve even won awards along the way. Taking on placement students allows Radweb to continue to evolve at a much faster pace and we are able to keep our ears to the ground in emerging technologies and developments through our young, vibrant and passionate workforce.

Steve Rad, Managing Director, Radweb

Having recruited three industrial placement students from the University of Portsmouth in 2009 who performed exceptionally whilst with us, BAM Nuttall is keen to continue working closely with the University.

Nicola Young, Student Liason Officer, BAM Nuttall Ltd

Students studying for a civil engineering degree generally find a work experience placement to be of great benefit. The knowledge and experience gained solving ‘real engineering problems’ greatly assists students in understanding the theory taught at university.

Marc Griffin, Institution of Civil Engineers

The placement students start the year with a lot of theoretical knowledge from their course and by the time their placement is completed they know how to apply this knowledge to solve practical engineering problems.

Graham Dale, Systems Director, Sperry Rail

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