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As a PGR at Portsmouth you a part of a thriving research community which is supported by the Graduate School through workshops, seminars and events. Networking with other PGR’s is a valuable way to share thoughts, ideas and knowledge across disciplines therefore we encourage you to attend graduate school events and GSDP workshops to meet other like-minded PGRs to enhance your research network.

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We are happy to provide support and help facilitate new ideas and opportunities for you, so if you have any ideas for academic, networking and social events please send your suggestions to

We also have an online PGR Facebook Community -  The postgraduate research student forum is a university-wide online platform to enable all PGR's to stay connected, share ideas, news, research advice and issues. You can use this platform to advertise your faculty events, advertise for research participants and find out more about what is going on across the university and at the Graduate School. We will also use the forum to help set up social events and additional workshops and lunchtime seminars so we encourage you to join the group to help provide ideas for extra training sessions you might need and to keep up to date with everything going on across the university. Join the group here.

The research community at Portsmouth is made up of a number of central departments, staff, students and leading experts who can all support you throughout your journey as a PGR. The key people you are likely to interact with during your studies are listed below. Each department within the University also has a PGR Rep who will feed any issues and suggestions to Faculty Research Degree Committees and then further up to the Graduate School Management Board and University Research Degrees Committee. You should be informed who your departmental rep is by your faculties during induction, if however you are unsure please contact your Departmental research degrees coordinator (DRDC). Contact details can be found here - Departmental Research Degrees Coordinator

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