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Best Practice in the Selection and Admission of PGR Students

  • Date: 21st November 2018 (09.45-12.00), 26th February 2019 (13.30-15.45)
  • Venue: Graduate School training room 4.09
  • Presenter: Various

For most staff, the selection and admissions processes associated with recruiting a new research student are complex and undertaken relatively rarely.  Unlike for undergraduate or taught postgraduate degrees the potential supervisor is normally expected to take a key role in processing the student’s application and every student can be different. This workshop will provide supervisors and departmental research degree representatives with a detailed overview of the selection and admissions processes for research students, from setting up university bursaries, to admissions processes, to dealing with visa requirements for International students, to conducting fair interviews and making offers to students.

In order to support potential supervisors, provide a more consistent experience for PhD applicants and to provide greater clarity of the expected roles for both supervisors and students, every PhD selection panel from October 2013 will need to have at least two members who have undergone this training (QAA, 2012).

The workshop will provide an opportunity to share good practice and to learn from the experience of colleagues from different parts of the university and will explore some of the common issues and experiences surrounding PGR admissions and the specific issues supervisors have when selecting research students.