Graduate School

For supervisors

Guidance for Internal/External Examiners and the University of Portsmouth process

  • Date: 13th November 2018 (9.00-12.00), 7th March 2019 (12.00-15.00)
  • Venue: Graduate School training room 4.09
  • Presenter: Karen Heard-Laureote, DSAA

This session (or the online version) is mandatory for First Supervisors and staff becoming an internal/external examiner for the first time. The aim of this workshop is to acquaint supervisors with the main issues and procedures involved in preparing and submitting the research thesis and the preparation, purpose and conduct of the viva. Managing referrals, failures and appeals will also be discussed. Staff will be expected to undertake this session again after a period of five years without examining.

The workshop will provide an overview of the role of the internal and external examiner, with a view to becoming one. You will be informed of what is required of an examiner, including how best to prepare for and manage the viva and its outcomes.

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