Graduate School

For supervisors

Update for Experienced Supervisors

  • Date: 8th October 2018 (10.00-12.00), 13th March 2019 (13.00-15.00)
  • Venue: The Graduate School Training Room
  • Presenter: Darren Van Laar, Heather Mackenzie and DSAA

This session is for experienced supervisors to update themselves on the latest changes in how the university runs research degrees, and who want to know more about the Graduate School and how best to support students in their researcher development training. Experienced Supervisors are expected to undertake this workshop or the online version every three years.

This two hour session provides a broad overview of best practice in supervision in the University and how to find out more about the resources for supporting supervisors such as Skills Forge and procedures for monitoring students.

The session is designed for busy people and provides a broad overview of recent changes to how research degrees are supported within the University; with additional materials provided that allow you to find out more and help provide structure to the role of being a supervisor.

The session is appropriate to experienced supervisors who have already attended the day long Introductory Workshop for Research Supervisors and who feel they need to update themselves or just wish to further develop a professional approach to research supervision.

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