Graduate School


Policies and Procedures

We're here to help you navigate your way through the regulations and procedures from admission, registration, submission of thesis through to the viva voce examination. Your Student Handbook will have useful information and the Graduate School team is here to guide you through these processes and ensure you stay on track. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Key stages of your degree

You may be studying either full or part-time for one of a variety of different research degrees including MPhil, PhD and Professional Doctorates. Additionally, you may have started your degree in October, February or, exceptionally, in June. Whatever you are studying you will be required to complete the following stages: major review, annual review, thesis submission and viva. Find out more about the key stages of research degrees.


The administration of postgraduate study is carried out by Academic Registry, who act as the definitive record keepers about students and courses on behalf of the University. For all your administration needs, including forms that students and supervisors may need such as registration, annual appraisals and major reviews, please refer to the Research Degrees Section of the Academic Registry website

Code of Practice for Research Degree Students

You should also refer to the University Code of Practice for Research Degree Students which has been developed to guide staff and students in the responsibilities and expectations they should have when undertaking or supervising research degrees within the University of Portsmouth.

Research Integrity

You should be aware of the guidance regarding research integrity at the universirty. Dowload the Research Integrity guide here.

University Policies and Procedures

In addition to the University regulations there are other policies and procedures which may also affect you as a PGR student or professional doctorate student. The University has a set of research policies relating to the conduct of research at the University including the quality assurance of research and the Ethics policy. You should also be aware of the University Health and Safety Policy.

Departmental Policies and Procedures

There may also be particular health and safety and research ethics procedures in place in your department. You should speak to your First Supervisor to ensure that you are aware of these.

Feedback procedures

The University is committed to providing quality postgraduate teaching and support. Should you experience any problems or difficulties there are several mechanisms for you to feed back to the University. These are:

  • Your First Supervisor
  • Faculty Research Degrees Committee representative or Postgraduate tutor for your department
  • The Chair of your Faculty Research Degrees Committee 
  • Director of the Graduate School
  • Your student representative: All departments have a student representative to whom you can feed back issues or concerns. The student representative attends both departmental and faculty research degrees committees where they can feedback any issues you raise.