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Date Speaker Abstract
Wed 1st Oct 2014 Prof Arthur Butt Prof Arthur Butt - 'Glia: Where would we be without brain glue?'
Wed 8th Oct 2014  Dr Thierry Delair, University of Lyon, France 'Elaborating Materials for drug delivery and tissue engineering from Chitosan'
Wed 22nd Oct 2014 Dr Susan Jones, University of Cambridge 'Regulation of NMDA receptor activity in substantia nigra dopamine neurons'
Wed 5th Nov 2014  Prof Paul Langford, Imperial College London APP: from understanding virulence towards eradication
Wed 12th Nov 2014 Dr Rachel Simmonds, University of Surrey ‌-
Wed 19th Nov 2014 Dr Paul Skipp, University of Southampton Introduction to the Southern 4 Proteomic Consortium – What can it do for me?
Wed 26th Nov 2014 Dr Brigitte Meunier, CNRS France Using yeast to investigate the role of respiratory chain complex III mutations in human disease and malarial drug-resistance: ‌.PDF of Dr Brigitte Meunier's Research Seminar
Wed 3rd Dec 2014  Dr Andy Corran, Syngenta   -
Wed 10th Dec 2014  Mr Jay Jayamohan, John Radcliffe Hospital  Paediatric trauma and intracranial pressure - we need answers!
Wed 7th Jan 2015  Dr George Salah, Moorfield's Eye Hospital  -
Wed 14th Jan 2014 Dr Kees Tensen, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands   -
Wed 21st Jan 2015  Dr Frank Schubert, Biology  A bird's eye view on brain development 
Wed 28th Jan 2015 Vladimir Gubala, Medway School of Pharmacy, Kent  'Surface Science of Nanoparticles'
Wed 4th Feb 2015  Dr Jonathan Watts, University of Southampton   -
Wed 11th Feb 2015  Dr Simon Pitchford, Kings College London  Platelet activation and signalling during airway inflammation
Wed 18th Feb 2015 Dr Chris Young, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UoP HSP90 links P2RX7 with autophagic cell death in dystrophic myoblasts
Wed 25th Feb 2015 Dr Colin Sharpe, Biology  CoRNR boxes and the role of corpressor diversity
Wed 4th Mar 2015 Dr Greger Larson, Durham University  The gene flow revolution
Wed 11th Mar 2015 Dr John Alan Brazier, Reading University  Probing the sequence constraints of an unusual DNA structure
Wed 18th Mar 2015 Prof Kevin Prise, Queens University, Belfast  New Models for Targeting Advances Radiotherapy in Glioma
Wed 25th Mar 2015 Dr Andy Pickford, Biology  -
Wed 22nd Apr 2015 James Smith 
Wed 6th May 2015 David Hornby, University of Sheffield  ‘Exploring primary structure and enzyme function by domain directed, random Mutagenesis'. David Hornby 06.05.15 
Wed 13th May 2015 Prof Simon Heales, Head of Chemical Pathology, GOSH  Mitochondrial Disorders-Disease Mechanisms & Potential treatments
Wed 20th May 2015 Profs Logan, Berry and Dr Fulton, University of Birmingham Prospect for protection and recovery after myelin and neuronal injury in the CNS
Wed 27th May 2015 Prof Timm Bugg, Warwick University  Bacterial Enzymes for Lignin Degradation 
Wed 3rd Jun 2015 Manuel Salto-Tellez, Queens University, Belfast  
Wed 10th Jun 2015 Prof Hugh Perry, University of Southampton  Role of microglia priming and systemic inflammation in chronic neurodegeneration 
Wed 17th Jun 2015 Allen Roberts, Public Health England   
Wed 24th Jun 2015  Prof Mike Tipton, DSES  

Wed 8th Jul   2015

Mikhail Shugay, Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry, Russia  Computational analysis of the immune repertoire sequencing data

Wed 30th Sept


Prof Mike Tipton, Dept of Sport and Exercise (Eldon 1.74)

Extreme Threats. Environmental extremes: origins, consequences and amelioration

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Wed 7th Oct 2015

Dr Helen Atkins, DSTL. hosted by Dr Anastasia Callaghan, BIOL.


Wed 14th Oct 2015

Dr Ying Chen, University of Surrey. hosted by Dr John Young, PHBM

GABA-B receptor subtypes: flip-flop between health and disease'

Wed 21st

Oct 2015

Prof David Hornby, University of Sheffield. Hosted by Prof Geoff Kneale, BIOL

Exploring primary structure and enzyme function by domain directed, random Mutagenesis

IBBS Research Seminar

Wed 28th Oct 2015

Mohsen Seifi, PHBM internal speaker

 A Gut Feeling About Emotional Stress: The answer lies in GABA-A receptors 

Wed 4th Nov 2015

Roger Draheim, PHBM, internal speaker

 Fundamental and Synthetic Approaches to Combat Multidrug Resistance

Wed 11th Nov 2015

Prof Christopher Scott, Queens University Belfast. Hosted by Prof Geoff Pilkington, PHBM

 Understanding and targeting Cathepsin S in cancer and inflammation

Wed 18th Nov 2015

Dr Daniel Fulton, University of Birmingham. Hosted by Prof Arthur Butt, PHBM

 Insight into the transcriptional regulation of AMPA-type glutamate receptors

Wed 25th Nov 2015

Dr Alfonso Jaramillo, Warwick University. Hosted by Dr Anastasia Callaghan

 Engineering regulatory circuits using RNA

Wed 9th Nov 2015

Richard Hill, PHBM, internal speaker

 Understanding the mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance in cancer

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