Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

IBBS research day

IBBS Research Day

The annual Institute of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sciences (IBBS) research/away day took place on Wednesday 8th June. With the appointment of Profs Anastasia Callaghan and John McGeehan as the new Co-directors, the format for the day took a departure from the norm.

Engagement session

Anastasia and John launched the event by reflecting on the recent excellent REF achievements whilst recognising IBBS’s great untapped potential to achieve much more. They then introduced the new vision for IBBS as ‘An internationally-leading cross-disciplinary institute for fundamental and translational research in the biomedical and biomolecular fields’. This set the groundwork for the morning engagement exercise in which attendees were encouraged to log their thoughts, ideas and suggestions on a number of topics. These ranged from approaches that could be used to improve communication within IBBS, through to the transparency of processes and the timing of the seminar series. With the support of facilitators from RIS and the Faculty, there was much debate and discussion. Some truly excellent insights were gained and valuable inputs from the attendees will form the basis of an open workshop later in the year to prioritise the key areas for IBBS going forward.

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Postgraduate research session

The afternoon saw a return to the scientific heart of IBBS, with PhD students showcasing their research through poster and oral presentations. It was fantastic and inspiring to see the diversity of research being conducted. The generosity of the event sponsors, Qiagen, Bio-Rad, Brand GMBH + CO KG and Fisher Scientific, meant that 1st, 2nd and runner up prizes could be awarded for both oral and poster presentation categories; although the high quality of all the presentations made the judging challenging! Nevertheless, after much consideration by the judging team consisting of the School Heads, Drs Darren Mernagh and Steve Arkle, the Faculty Research and Innovation Leads, Dr Alan Thorne and Karen Musk, and the Dean of Science, Prof. Tara Dean, the decisions were finally made. Prof Dean had great pleasure in presenting the awards to the winners. For the oral presentations category, Carlanne Stone was awarded first prize, whilst the 2nd prize went to Louise Kelly and Amanda Corla was awarded the runner up prize. The best poster presentation award went to Charlotte Mardle, with Billie Dolphin securing 2nd prize and Natalia Chira being awarded the runner up prize.

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Poster prizes (top row) Charlotte Mardle, Natalia Chira and Billie Dolphin. Talk prizes (bottom row) Carlanne Stone, Amanda Corla and Louise Kelly

Networking with Pimms and ice cream

The IBBS research/away day was drawn to a close with Anastasia and John thanking all those involved in making the event a success. Particular thanks were given to Dr Rhiannon Lloyd, the IBBS event organiser, and Harry Mallinder, for all their hard work. Prof. Dean then gave a final few closing words which really summed up the positivity of the day and the collective enthusiasm for a ‘new’ IBBS going forward under the leadership of the new co-directors. With attendees feeling re-invigorated and excited about the future, they adjourned to the sunny setting of Ravelin Park for a Pimms and ice cream networking reception.

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