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Erasmus+ and Exchange Programmes

First of all, a warm welcome to Portsmouth and thank you for considering us as your study destination.

We would be delighted to consider students for exchange from our partner Universities. If we do not have an existing agreement with your host University, please discuss this with your local Study Abroad and/or Erasmus+ advisors, and get them to make contact with Dr Paul Norman, Strategic Lead on International Development, ICJS. Email

Partner Map

View a map of our present partners, and those in negotiation: 

Partner Map

Incoming students

The Institute of Criminal Justice Studies offers you the widest possible range of study options as an incoming exchange student, and endeavours to accommodate your needs. Please explore the document below for a full list of choices.

ICJS Units for Incoming Exchange Students

You will receive instructions on the application process from the Exchanges & Study Abroad Team once you are nominated to the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies. 

In order to make your transition into student life in Portsmouth as smooth as possible, you will be invited to a range of introduction, study and social events during an International/Orientation week, organised by the International Office in the week prior to the start of the University academic year. You will also attend a specific induction session for Institute of Criminal Justice Studies exchange students including buddying, and the chance to complete the necessary paperwork and identification check to produce your University Student Campus Card.

Throughout your time here, you will have access to support from our Support Services team, and the Student's Union has a range of induction, freshers and other events in both the first weeks and throughout your stay with us. We suggest you participate as much as your studies allow!

Hopefully we’ve managed to tempt you to look a little more into Portsmouth as a destination and provided as much information as you will need. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to browse the website.

Victoria Seck, Exchange StudentVictoria Seck, Exchange Student with ICJS 2016-17 (Germany)

"I had several reasons for choosing Portsmouth. First of all, the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth is very prestigious. Further, the diversity of courses gives me the opportunity to enlarge my knowledge in various fields such as Psychology and Forensics. Also, I always wanted to live close to the sea. As a new friend of mine would say, I really made the most of my stay in Portsmouth."

LS MorczinekLisa-Sophie Morczinek, Exchange Student with ICJS 2016-17 (Germany)

"I’ve been here for five months now and it’s even better than I expected it to be. [...] It was a challenge for me, one which I can proudly say I managed to successfully complete. I gained plenty of confidence and discovered a new hobby, organising things. Overall, I’m glad I decided to do a semester abroad. As a result, I’ve decided to take every chance of going abroad in the future, as there is nothing better than discovering the world."

Read more from exchange students: Studying abroad with ICJS, University of Portsmouth

Outgoing students

Currently, all our study abroad partnerships are for full-time undergraduate students in ICJS only. If you are planning to apply for Erasmus+, or have already been selected, please visit our new Erasmus+ Moodle page to find out all the information you need and read about the experience of other students.

ICJS courses with exchange opportunities include: