Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

Probation officer training and education

Community Justice Learning. Education and Training to be a Probation Officer 2016-2020

The Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth is contracted by the Ministry of Justice to deliver the academic component to Probation Officer training in the National Probation Service divisions in England and Wales indicated below. This training comprises a programme of part-time academic study integrated with work-based learning that leads to either:

  • Diploma of Higher Education in Community Justice
  • BA (Hons) in Community Justice,

The University of Portsmouth are contracted to deliver all aspects of the Community Justice Learning framework in the following Probation Divisions:

  • London Probation Division
  • South East and Eastern Probation Division
  • South West and South Central Probation Division
  • Wales National Probation Service

The following Services and learning are available to individuals who are interested in the various aspects of community justice learning:

  • Level 4 Modules for access to the Level 5 Diploma of HE in Community Justice Award 
  • Level 5 Diploma of HE in Community Justice Award
  • Level 5 required knowledge modules (4 stand-alone modules) 
  • Gateway Assessment Service to Level 6 (PQiP) award
  • Level 6 Professional Qualification in Probation (PQiP) which leads to a BA (Hons) Community Justice at the University of Portsmouth

To learn more, and to apply for training in the Community Justice Learning framework, please visit