Mr Afolabi Adedoyin

  • Role Title: PhD Student
  • Address: Park Building, King Henry 1 Street, Portsmouth PO1 2DZ
  • Telephone:
  • Email:
  • Department: Institute of Criminal Justice Studies
  • Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


I am currently working on a PhD in the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies Department, University of Portsmouth. I studied Computer Science and Information Technology ( Computer Science) in the Bowen University (Nigeria), then I came to the University of Portsmouth to study an Program in Communication Networks Planning and Management ( Communication Networks Planning and Management). I have also done some professional certification like CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). My Current research is on the methods and roles technology can play in the reducing the effect of cyber-crime on the everyday life of Nigerians. I aim to look at all the existing policies and laws that govern cyber-crime and the cyber-space in Nigeria, to identify all possible loop holes and ways to integrate technology in the fight against cyber-crime in the country. As it has become more evident over the years that lack of adequate cyber-security experts in the country as encouraged the rate of cyber-crime in the country. The research will also be looking at possible ways policing of cyber-crime can be achieved in the country, with the co-operation of three major groups which are: the Government, Private Businesses and the Members of the general public.


  • Current Research: The Roles Technology can play in reducing the effect of Cyber-Crime in the Everyday Life of Nigerians
  • Other Research Areas: Cyber-Security, Policing Cyber-Crime, Technology’s involvement in Social Theories.


  • Risk, Counter-Fraud and Cyber Resilience