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Virtual Open Day

About the Virtual Open Day

  • Intrigued by what causes people to commit crimes?
  • Want to know more about policing and investigations?
  • Interested in the latest ideas on how to tackle crime?
  • Want to know about risk management or cyber-crime?
  • Think a degree might improve your career prospects?

A virtual open day will enable you to discover our part-time distance learning courses, covering a wide range of subjects and specialised options. It will also help you to understand what it is like to be a distance-learning student with the University of Portsmouth and how studying with us has the potential to boost both your personal and professional development.

We will be holding virtual open days throughout the coming months for students who want to find out more about our part-time distance learning undergraduate degrees. This will be an exciting opportunity to talk to ICJS staff and to ask any questions about the degrees and the application process.

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Who is it for?

The virtual open days are for anyone who is interested in studying one of our part time distance learning degrees. As it is all online, you can attend easily without travelling anywhere!

Who will be there?

The people who will be running the virtual open days will be one of our Course Leaders and one of our dedicated distance learning administrative staff.

Virtual Open Days 2019:

  • 15 May 3-5pm
  • 20 June 3-5pm
  • 24 July 7-9pm
  • 14 August 5-7pm
  • 4 September 7-9pm

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How does it work?

The virtual open days will take place online and on this page. Below, you will find course information and videos plus, importantly, a space for chatting to the people involved in real time.

In order to take part, you will need a computer which is connected to the Internet and a web browser; if you can view this page you probably have a suitable web browser.

It's all very simple

  1. Start by watching our explanatory video of how our DL courses work, plus our guided tour of our Virtual Learning Environment. You can have a quick look round at the types of materials you will be able to access if you decide to study one of our courses.

  2. If you want something to print out and read, download our ICJS Distance Learning brochure. We can always send you one if you would like.

  3. Once you have a better idea of how distance learning at ICJS works, you can then start to consider which degree course might be most suitable for you. Read the information (click on the degree titles) and then watch the videos about our four different degree courses:

  4. If we're live and running a Virtual Open Day you will see 'Virtual Open Day Online' in a purple box in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (or two speech bubbles if viewing on a smartphone). Type your message and we'll start chatting. If you're visiting at another time when we're not online, you'll see 'Leave Us a Message' in the purple box (or an email icon if viewing on a smartphone). Please do that and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
BSc (Hons) Crime and Criminology Crime and Criminology 100
BSc (Hons) Policing and Investigation Policing and Investigation 100
BSc (Hons) Risk and Security Management Risk and Security Management 100


Note that our courses are not applied for through UCAS. You can find our online application form here.