International Students

International Student Ambassadors

Alexandra Uibariu

Your University of Portsmouth experience

I am most impressed by the opportunities provided by the University to every student. I have not only received high-quality academic education, but have also been presented with opportunities to volunteer, work, and self-improve through intensive training – all for free.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

It is clear to me that Portsmouth appreciates students, and is aware that they make a considerable contribution to improving the city in all aspects, from academia, to culture and diversity, to the job market, and the overall ambiance and ‘feel’ of the place.

I love the cosiness of the local cafes, the all-year-round student-oriented events, the multitude of places where you can try culture-specific foods, and – perhaps most of all – the sunsets, which are always, always spectacular.

Your extra-curricular activities

I often find myself travelling and exploring new places (within the UK and beyond), volunteering for different community-based organisations, as well as international non-governmental organisations, and attending conferences on subjects ranging from state crime to European politics and globalisation.