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Annik Reding

Your University of Portsmouth experience

After completing my undergraduate degree in Portsmouth and graduating this summer, I felt that I wasn’t quite ready to leave the city and move on. I therefore decided to do my masters in Portsmouth too.

Since my first year, I am really impressed by how supportive the lecturers are at the university.  My personal tutors and my dissertation supervisor especially have been of huge support throughout my studies. 

I also really love that the university is not a campus based university set outside of the city. The fact that the buildings of the university blend in with the actual city is really great to help feel integrated when you move to a new place.

In my first year, I was living in halls, which was a great experience. It helped me settle into university life and make friends from all over the world. Portsmouth is an amazingly international space, where you can probably find people from every country.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

Portsmouth is a city that actually has quite a lot to offer. You have a lot of possible ways to spend your free time; a proper shopping spree, discovering the rich history of the city, or going for a long walk by the beach.

The seafront in particular is something I love about Portsmouth. It gives you the opportunity to have a break from your busy student life and enjoy the calmness of the seaside. 

I also really enjoy discovering new coffee places and Portsmouth is an ideal city for this. It has a lot of independent coffee shops, as well as the well-known coffee shop chains, that want to be explored. 

Your extra-curricular activities

When I’m not at Uni, I enjoy baking or cooking, even if this does not always turn out as planned.

I also love the seaside and going for a walk or the occasional run along the seafront. The piers by the beach are also a nice place to visit.

The arcades on the piers are a great place to spend your spare change on a dull Sunday afternoon. If you’re lucky you might even get a teddy bear out of the crane machines in there.