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Damiano Cavalieri

Your University of Portsmouth experience

I like it! The University environment is pleasant and I like how everything is easily within walking distance, even to the city itself. The professors are clearly qualified and approachable outside of class, so I never felt like I was being talked down to. The variety when it comes to how modules are graded (some have exams, some have essays… It doesn’t get repetitive). The lecture notes and slides are available after the lecture.

The library is very useful, both as a place to study/work and because of how helpful the librarians are when it comes to helping people with research or referencing.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

It’s a lovely city to live in. The people are friendly, so I never felt much like an outsider. The fact that there are a lot of other international students also helped. When the weather’s nice walking by the sea is very pleasant. Lastly I also like the sheer variety when it comes to shops and places to hang out at.

I like how conveniently close places are, so for example I can easily go grocery shopping after classes and then go home without having to walk too much. The university is very much integrated in the city which is great as it never feels like I’m just studying here or just living her, but rather doing both.

Your extra-curricular activities

In my free time I enjoy writing short stories and assorted fictional pieces, drawing, playing videogames, listening to music, watching movies and anime series, and going out for walks.