International Students

International Student Ambassadors

Daniella Ndzi

Your University of Portsmouth experience

I think the University of Portsmouth is very welcoming to students from all ethnic backgrounds and that there is something here for everyone. All the staff and students I have met are friendly and helpful and have made me feel included. Furthermore, I feel that the University is caring towards its students and that we have a say in how things are run and the improvements that can be made.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

My favourite thing about living and studying in Portsmouth is the freedom this city provides. I enjoy walking and so I love that there are so many interesting places within walking-distance of where I live. I hardly ever need to rely on public transport to get me where I need to go. Moreover, I like that although Portsmouth is a small and quiet place, it is close to a lot of places famous for tourism such as London and Brighton. Hence, while living here I can enjoy the peace and quiet but also jump on the train for a bit over an hour and experience the bustling streets of central London. One can never get bored living here.

Your extra-curricular activities

I like to watch movies with friends, visit tourist attractions and go shopping in my free time.