International Students

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Guilherme Oliveira Abdala

Your University of Portsmouth experience

In Portsmouth, I encountered a very student-friendly atmosphere. The University plays a major role in the city’s dynamism – the university buildings are located within easy reach from the main sites and transportation links. Its superb facilities and friendly staff provide me all the support I need to pursue my goals and to find my path through the broad Development career.

Within Development studies, I can focus on the matters which are more relevant to my interests and my future career. It is fascinating to exchange our projects and perspectives with lecturers and other students in the class - a truly convivial environment.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

Portsmouth is very cosmopolitan and still has the charm of a medium-sized city. The number of international students (and residents) in Portsmouth is impressive; I have met people from all over the globe and from the most unusual places.

This can also be seen in the amount of specialty shops which cater for all tastes and needs. Where else would I expect a coffee shop with delicious Brazilian treats and a Coxinha to die for? Portsmouth has it all.

Your extra-curricular activities

Apart from visiting local coffee shops and adventuring myself in different cuisines, I love experimenting in the kitchen, always trying new recipes and creating my own as well. When not cooking/eating, I play volleyball.