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Irene Chua

Your University of Portsmouth experience

My experience in Portsmouth is amazing! Portsmouth is warm and friendly with personal tutors, student support services and residential hall assistants to support me throughout my journey.

The university is very diverse and I have met fantastic people from all around the world. It opens my mind and broadens my perspectives.

The library is open 24/7 with good IT facilities and study spaces to keep students connected. You can even access articles and journals outside the university with special logins which I find it is useful.

Overall, I really like Portsmouth because it provides me with a good quality student experience from academics to activities. There’s so much to do, like societies, volunteering, sports and studies that you can never be bored at uni. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

Portsmouth is a relatively chilled place to live in with a beautiful seafront just 15 mins away from the town. I love walking by the seafront on a bright sunny day enjoying the sea breeze blowing onto my face.

All the shops are easily accessible within short walking distance compared to other cities which saves a huge amount of transportation fees. A designer outlet is also located in Portsmouth which provides a range of food and drinks, leisure and shops.

Always be prepared for the weather though, as it changes fast. The wind is crazily strong and sometimes it’s hard to withstand the strong wind when you are walking! 

Your extra-curricular activities

I’m an active member of the Malaysian Society where different events are held constantly throughout the year, such as Fresher’s Welcome Lunch and Sportsfest.

During my spare time, I go to the gym, playing sports like volleyball and badminton. I enjoy volunteering too because it is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience to help others.