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Mihaela Pavel

Your University of Portsmouth experience

The reason why I chose to study Animation at the University of Portsmouth is because ever since I was a child I had always loved animated films. They shaped me into who I am today and now I want to create something that can help someone else in the same way. Having some of the best facilities in the country for creative courses, the University of Portsmouth was definitely the best choice for me and it put me on the right path to following my dream.

When it comes to the city life, Portsmouth has a lot to offer. Being the only UK city on an island, Portsmouth has some great views, especially from the Spinnaker Tower, from which you can see the sea and the whole city. I personally love living so close to the sea; whenever I feel down or stressed, a relaxing walk by the beach calms me.

On that note, feeling down was never a lasting problem for me, since the support here at the University has been very helpful. People are friendly and approachable, so I’d never feel alone.

Furthermore, living in such a global city has its perks. I get to meet so many different people from all over the world and learn about their interesting cultures. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

As much as I love the city, I still believe that it’s the people that make it so unique: their diversity, their kindness, their patience and their understanding. I definitely learned a lot from them and changed into a better person, by expanding my horizons.

The best way to meet people is by getting different part-time jobs, clubs and societies. 

Your extra-curricular activities

I am part of a few societies, which not only enabled me to make friends, but also to discover more things I love, to develop culturally and last, but not least, to have the best university experience!