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Ndanu Brown

Your University of Portsmouth experience

I am an undergraduate student reading Criminology and Forensic Studies. I chose the course because it interests me and shows such as CSI and Criminal Minds only enhanced this.  More importantly, the reason for joining the course is because I want to join the police once I graduate.

Being a student at the University of Portsmouth has been a great and wonderful experience for me. I have had tremendous support throughout my time here which has made my Portsmouth experience enjoyable. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

For me it would be the fact that it is a sea-side city, this encapsulates a variety of experiences.  I personally love the sea and this was one of the driving factors as to why I chose to come and study at Portsmouth.

I enjoy walking along the beach, finding this very relaxing, especially when I’m ‘bombarded’ by coursework. Places are relatively within walking or cycling distance and this has encouraged me to cycle more which I enjoy but also because Portsmouth is relatively flat, making cycling easier for me as I do not like hills!

Portsmouth being the home of the UK Navy, is what makes the city unique for me, as I mentioned I want to go into policing, specifically in the Marines Unit of the Ministry of Defence police. I have always loved and admired the Navy which is why I absolutely love Portsmouth due to its naval history. 

Your extra-curricular activities

I recently was introduced into sailing and boxing, both of which I absolutely love and enjoy. I believe in keeping fit and being healthy and so make sure that I exercise weekly by going to the gym and sometimes swimming.  Despite all this my greatest love is FOOD!!! I enjoy baking, cooking and EATING!!!