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Philippe Narayana Swamy

Your University of Portsmouth experience

This seafront city with a lot of historical significance is also the best place to study. The university buildings are spread around the city centre, all in a 10 minute radius.

Shops, sports facilities and convenience stores are all very close to all the halls of accommodations and university buildings. Halls are a great place to live during the course of your university life. You get to meet a lot of different people and cultures.

In terms of university facilities, the university library is very useful for assignments and general learning. The support system provided by the university is nothing like I have seen before. English language, wellbeing, and financial support are all provided by the university.

My course - Sports, Exercise and Health Science – gives me a lot of experience in the laboratories and also in the field. I have the opportunity to take part in research conducted by the psychology and sports science departments which helps me gain experience. The university helps your learning in a very holistic way. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

The city is unlike any other city in the UK. Going for runs, enjoying an evening with your friends at the beach, playing sports at the common (seafront). The experience is exceptional. In the summer you can have barbeques and swim in the sea. In terms of sports, Portsmouth has a lot to offer, with wide ranges of both water sports and field sports.

Another aspect which is really good about Portsmouth is the number of cafes. You’ll never go to any place twice. 

Your extra-curricular activities

I love to run at the beach and workout in the open. I volunteer at Portsmouth Football Club and also referee university football games. This university also offers a wide range of part-time job opportunities. I love to take part in research with different departments.