International Students

International Student Ambassadors

Phuc Tran (Jo)

Your University of Portsmouth experience

My time with this university has been fabulous. Being able to study in Park Building is a privilege. It just gives you the vibe you would feel watching a historical British movie.

I find myself so happy here with the kind support from my lecturers and the staff. My personal tutor/supervisor has been so dedicated and helpful, giving me all the academic guidance and advice I need throughout my study.

International office is my second favourite department (after my own, which is SLAS!) They’re always there to help me with most of my problems, from visa to accommodation, bank cards, etc.  

What makes Portsmouth unique?

I’ve been here for more than 2 years now and I would say I’ve become so fit!

Everything is within walking distance, so I can have my little exercise every day. The weather is pretty comfy (trust me, it’s not this nice in other parts of the UK…) and the seafront is beautiful.

You can enjoy the fresh air here (yes, fresh air!!), as it’s a clean and green city. I’m just so in love with this place.

Your extra-curricular activities

There’s a variety of sport societies you can join. My favourites are yoga and badminton. Volunteer activities are also promoted, so you can learn, have fun while helping people.

I did the Reading Scheme to help with local pupils’ reading ability and I learnt a lot about how to deal with children.