International Students

International Student Ambassadors

Qian Guo (Ivy)

Your University of Portsmouth experience

UoP will never let you down. You can always find support for your interests. I chose Education Studies, which turns out to be a very wise choice.

My classmates are from different backgrounds and fields but with the same passion for education. All of my teachers are very willing to share their opinions which always bring me revolutionary ideas and inspirations towards education.

I am so motivated to explore even more after classes. The tutors here give me useful one-to-one instructions on my papers, and there are many different workshops and seminars available to attend. The library is open 24 hours and the perfect place to study and hold discussions, even on weekends.

The most important part is the vision of the university to encourage all students to think and study globally, and the International Office is making great efforts to provide all students with more opportunities to see the world outside them. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

Running along the seaside at sunset is one of my favourite things to do. The sound of the sea wind and ship horns floats around me and there is no need at all to put on earphones.

Portsmouth is in such a good location, and trains can take me to many fabulous cities, like London, Oxford, and Bath in just a few hours.

Your extra-curricular activities

I believe in studying hard during the weekdays while playing hard during the weekends. I love travelling to different places from big cities to tranquil villages and exploring different paths. I also enjoy recording my life through words and photos.

This is the worst time as the home is far away from me.

This is the best time as a new world is open to me.