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Raynoa Abreu Garcia

  • Course: MSc Crime Science, Investigation & Intelligence
  • Country: Dominican Republic
  • Email:

Your University of Portsmouth experience

The University is very well-focused on the student’s welfare; with every member of its community well trained to give students the help they need. It has a nice way of making you feel welcome. Even though, it can be a little too soft and relaxed; the main goal is for students to feel comfortable within the university and to learn as much as you can with the lack of pressure. It is really accessible to students and any member of the community, offering help not just academically but in any other aspects of your life.

The fact that every information is available online is extremely different from other countries. At other universities, professors like to retain information, such as lectures, and if you did not understand something then you have a problem. But here, their focus is to teach you as much as they can; and to give you access to as many resources as you need.

In the Dominican Republic, we are used to having one teacher by subject and so on. However, here in Portsmouth, you will have several professors within the same subject. Thus the student does not get tired nor feel the monotony. At the end, the student has acquired knowledge both in the unit and in a variety of subjects from our field, thanks to the input of all those professionals helping the development of our knowledge and ambitions. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

Super international… It is incredible how diverse and multicultural the city is!

Portsmouth is unique because it’s supposed to be like a regular town but can also be called a city. Everyone is friendly and everything is close: if you walk further, you get to the seafront area; if you walk more to the centre, you feel in a metropolitan city; and if you go back and forth to the area where we live, you feel that you are in a student area.

The town is nice, a quiet city but at the same time dynamic… If you want to have fun, there are specific places but the city as such is not entirely for that. And if you want much more nightlife than the city can offer; the location is perfect because we are 1hr from London and we all know that, just like NY, London is a city with an endless nightlife.

Your extra-curricular activities

I volunteer for different organisations and practice sports such as ping pong, tennis and basketball. I really like photography, Cuban Salsa (honouring my Caribbean blood), and I love travelling. 

“Travel is the best form of Education”.