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Vishnu Narayan Jaya (VeeJay)

Your University of Portsmouth experience

There’s a perfect balance between study and fun here, that's what the University of Portsmouth provides; that and fantastic student support. The city itself is shaped by the Royal Navy and the University. University students are the heartbeat of the city, being in Portsmouth all year around I’ve seen the rhythm of that heartbeat - the one which syncs with academic time. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

The city is filled with history and culture. A short walk around the city and you’ll see various landmarks including the birthplace of iconic personalities like John Pounds (the man most responsible for the creation of the concept of Ragged schools) and Charles Dickens - an English writer and social critic.

Your extra-curricular activities

I’m not proud to say it, but I do take my sleep pretty seriously and I would say that sleep is my favourite leisure activity. When I’m not sleeping or not doing university work, I have student societies and the UP racing team to fill my time. If I ever get break from everything, I love to travel and take photos.