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Will Bergstroem

Your University of Portsmouth experience

Probably one of the best things about the University of Portsmouth is the range of opportunities offered, whether in terms of volunteering opportunities, placements or part-time jobs. This, in addition to the many societies and clubs offered at the union, allows for a broader student experience and a chance to get fully involved in student life and the possibilities that come with it. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

I really like the city of Portsmouth and the University. The city is in a beautiful location with Southsea common and the Isle of Wight just across the water. Despite being a relatively large city, everything is within walking distance, be it the beach, shopping areas or restaurants. There are also some beautiful places around Portsmouth which are great for one-day trips to cities or to do some hiking.

The University is very student oriented, giving you the ability to tailor your course according to your interests. My department offers a large variety of units, ranging from hate crime, wildlife crime, forensic units and units related to transnational crime.

In addition, the dissertation allows you to explore a topic of interest, mine being on international genocide law and its enforcement. As such, it gives you the chance to widen your knowledge while at the same time choosing units which relate to whatever your future plans may be. 

Your extra-curricular activities

I like trying new things, so I try to involve myself in a variety of activities, such as joining different clubs and societies, attending events and travelling with friends. I also work hard on gaining experience within my chosen profession by attending conferences, networking and becoming involved in different projects.