Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the Study of a Transnational Europe


Citizenship and democracy in (dis)integrating communities; EUrope – and beyond

University of Portsmouth, 27-28 June 2019

This conference and workshop will offer a professional and critical setting for networking opportunity to academics, practitioners, and policy-makers. The aim of the event will be to bring together members of these groups in order to discuss and debate recent developments in national and EUropean citizenship and democracy.

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Thursday 22nd November, The Square Tower, Old Portsmouth

What impact will Brexit have on culture in Britain?

What impact is it having already?

This event considered these issues through:

  • an interactive theatre performance
  • a talk on the British mounting of the musical Hamilton
  • a panel discussion and debate


The Centre for the Study of Transnational Europe (CESTE II) held its 2018 programme of public seminars under the title Brexit as it unfolds. In a series of discussion seminars, experts discussed the implications of Brexit in the context of their particular fields.

The seminars were free and open to the public. Speakers were:

20th February, 2018 (15:00-17:00). Claire Bradley.

(Founder and Director of the European Law Monitor).

Brexit drivers - inequality in the UK and the implications for a future EU-UK settlement.

King Henry Building, 3.14.

6th March, 2018 (17:00-TBC). Phillip Inman.

(Economics Editor of the Observer).

Brexit and the UK economy.

Dental School, 0.23. Book your place through Eventbrite.

21st March, 2018 (18:00-TBC). Brendan Donnelly.

(Director of the Federal Trust and Treasurer of the European Movement).

Where are we in the Brexit maze?

Dental School, 0.23.

27th March, 2018. (15:00-17:00). Prof. Peter Gill.

(Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, the University of Leicester).

The likely impact of Brexit on UK-European security intelligence cooperation – a faint thud?

King Henry Building, 3.14.

These events are organised in conjunction with the European Movement.