Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the Study of a Transnational Europe

Whatever has the EU ever done for you?

In a series of 5 weekly lunchtime presentations, the Eastleigh-based lawyer, Claire Bradley, discussed the ways in which the EU interacts with the lives of ordinary UK citizens.  

24 February The EU and the consumer
2 March The EU and workers’ rights
9 March The EU and environmental protection
16 March Jobs, trade and travel in the EU
23 March Justice and rights  within the EU

About Claire Bradley

Claire is a lawyer and lecturer with a specialism in EU law.  She is the founder of European Law Monitor, a not-for-profit EU educational law resource  operating since  2003.  From 2006 she has been registered with the European Commission as an EU law expert under the TAIEX programme.  In this capacity she has delivered expert lectures in European law to judges and prosecutors in many of the recently joined member states and candidate countries of the EU.  She has lectured and contributed to seminars in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Poland and Turkey.  She holds a Masters degree in European Law.