Learning at Work

Entry Qualifications

There are no standard entry qualifications as every application is assessed on its own merit, however, while it is possible to start a bachelors course at entry level (with A Level or equivalent qualifications), a typical applicant would usually have some post-school higher education such as an HNC or part of a degree course, together with some years of work experience. Experience in a position of responsibility is particularly valuable.

Access to a stable work situation is important for success on this type of course. This programme may not be suitable for people whose work is voluntary, temporary or on short-term contracts. It is unlikely to suit those who are retired or unemployed. Applications from self-employed people are welcome.

There are two start dates in each academic year - in September and January. Applications and supporting documentation must be received no later than 4 weeks before the course start date to guarantee that it will be processed in time.

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